What is $WIFI and how can it be used?

$WIFI is the name of WiFi Map's very own utility token, also known as a digital currency. It allows us to reward our millions of contributors and give them access to the premium WiFi Map services.



The $WIFI token was created in April 2023 to help us grow the app with new features and services. $WIFI is based on blockchain technology and was minted on the Polygon network, which is also used by the likes of Robinhood and Reddit. This technology supports secure, instant transactions all over the world, and we believe it’s the best way to unlock the potential of our database of millions of WiFi hotspots. With $WIFI, we’re taking WiFi Map to the next level.



Help other people using WiFi Map and get $WIFI rewards. To become a contributor and receive the rewards you can add new hotspots to the map, verify network information, and run internet speed tests. You can then redeem $WIFI for premium features in the app including eSIM mobile data plans, and offer tips to thank other users who have helped you find an internet connection in WiFi Map.



At WiFi Map, we’ve made sure our token has utility from day one. Here are some of the key things you can do with $WIFI right now:



1. Connect to earn: We’re rolling out a monthly competition to reward all the people helping to grow WiFi Map. Add hotspots, verify networks and test internet speeds and you’ll receive $WIFI based on your contributions.

2. Redeem: Redeem $WIFI for eSIM data. Our 10 GB 30-day plan recently fell in price, with more drops on the way. You can redeem your $WIFI tokens to unlock all of our eSIM packages. If you don’t have enough $WIFI, you can top up your balance directly inside the app.

3. Get your cash back: We give 15% cashback in $WIFI when you redeem for eSIM mobile data. All you have to do is use your $WIFI to unlock an eSIM plan, and you’ll receive 15% of the value of the plan in $WIFI directly in the app.

4. Tip: Send $WIFI to thank the people who added your favourite hotspots. WiFi Map wouldn’t exist without its community, so we’re encouraging community interactions by letting you send each other a small amount of $WIFI to say thank you.

5. Trade: You can buy, sell, trade and stake $WIFI on several top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges including OKX, Huobi and Gate.io. If you’re new to crypto, don’t worry. We’ve prepared some articles on our HelpDesk that will help you create your account so you can buy and sell $WIFI and other crypto.