The Book

Do you want to make money online so that you can travel full-time and join the digital nomad community?

Do you want to explore the world, working from your laptop while you chow down on gnocchi gorgonzola in Italy or dig your toes into the white sand beaches of Thailand?

Do you then start to wonder – is there wifi on the beach? What if sand gets in my keyboard? Also, is it really possible to make money online?

Kayla Kurin has been travelling around the word while she works for over seven years. In this book, she shares how, as a recent university graduate, she quit her job, started a freelance career, and built her own business from the ground up, all while living out of a backpack.

But it’s not all lying on a beach in a hammock trying not to spill your mojito on your laptop. Starting a digital nomad lifestyle takes time, dedication, and commitment. In this book Kayla Kurin outlines everything you need to know about becoming a digital nomad including:

– How to save money for travel and starting your online career
– How to work or volunteer abroad to test out if this lifestyle is for you
– How to choose a remote career path that combines your current skills and your passions
– How to get your first clients and start an online money making machine
– How to find nomad friendly accommodation (it’s not about five-star hotels, but you also can’t get much work done in a dorm room!)
– How to create productive work spaces on the road
– Making and keeping friends on the road
– Nomad dating
– How to travel ethically and responsibly
– How to answer questions like “when are you gonna get a real job?”

This book is full of hilarious and entertaining anecdotes about travel that show how Kurin learned the ropes of a location independent digital nomad life.

The book is now available on Amazon